A303 – Road elevations and Schematics

This is key to much understanding of the road itself and is currently the same for both outlines.

From the west, the proposed road essentially follows existing ground levels until just west of Plowage.  A cutting then starts after passing Waynes, being around 9 meters deep alongside the existing Plowage/A303 junction.  At this point the new roadway is around 30 meters north of the existing A303.  The cutting remains until around the Bakery, then the new road rises to come back to existing ground level at Howell Hill.  From here, the road rises to the south of the existing road and to around 8 meters above existing ground level before falling back again around Traits Lane.  From this we can assume additional road noise around Plowage Lane and Howell Hill all the way along to Wales.  Bunding and other sound containment information is not yet available.

Various pictures and maps can be found here

Please note these are ‘works in progress’ and do not represent any design decision by HE.