A303 – Concerns and Issues raised

TopicExample Areas of concern
Safety- 'rat-running' of local through the village and surrounds
- A303 through traffic using Downhead rather than Podimore/Hazle grove trunk road interchanges
Use of this junction during closure/accident events?
Noise and Visual ImpactsBoth during and after construction.
Road elevations raising noise and light pollution to village areas
FloodingAre there specific areas of concern?
eg. Re-route existing A303 drainage away from the village
Road Junctions and Bridges.What do you think of the junction proposals and what needs to be considered?
Should there be any road bridges at all?
Should bridges be for local traffic only?
What suggestions do you have ?
Specific Construction ConcernsPerhaps unsocial hours working?
Non=-Motorised CrossingsHE have asked to suggestions for walking/cycling/bridleway crossings and how they might be connected