A303 Inspectorate Update

We are now entering the final phases of the review process and a inspectors have been assigned to review the design proposals, the benefits, and the impacts to local communities.

West Camel Parish Council continues to do all it can to mitigate the effects to the village both during and post construction, although to this point Highways England have not responded positively to requests for improvements from ourselves, Queen Camel or Sparkford Parish Councils.

The key issues for us are:
During Construction,
We are concerned that traffic will divert through West Camel to avoid inevitable congestion on the A303. Also during periods of closure, the planned diversion routes via Mudford and Yeovil will not be policed, leading to traffic again seeking a shorter detour route through West Camel village. During the construction period, the A303 junction with Howell Hill may be closed for up to 18 months, and Keep Street for up to 6 months, which may exacerbate rat running traffic through village.

Post Construction
We are concerned that given the convoluted design of the Sparkford junction, traffic will prefer to use the Downhead junction to connect to southerly destinations of Sherborne and Dorchester.

Full details of the West Camel Parish Council submission to the inspector can be found here, along with all other interested party responses. ‘Please select the link for Deadline 2 submissions’