A303 – Parish Council Response

A303 – Parish Council Response (March 2019)

Parish Council attended the four days of examination hearings held at Haynes Museum and we have now completed the formal response to the Highways Inspectorate. We were pleased to see that the examiner is asking serious questions of Highways England and we hope for some progress to mitigate issues in West Camel A copy of the document (Deadline 4) can be found here.

Please also see our submission for Deadline 3.

Previous responses can be found below

A303 – Parish Council Response (March 2018)

Parish Council has now completed the response to Highways and forwarded to Highways England, Somerset County Council and our MP David Warburton.

A copy of the document can be found here, and the complete submission with all attachments found here including the slides used in the February 2018 Parish Meeting


A303 – Parish Council Response (March 2017)

On 2nd March, the Parish Council agreed to take a neutral stance with regard to the route, and act as a conduit to ensure that concerns and suggestions for each route is presented to Highways as the community view and placed on record officially for their further consultations.

At EGM on Friday 24th March an additional meeting was held, attended by approx. 70- parishioners.  From further responses received, we have compiled the following document that has now been sent to Highways England.

Please also see the presentation slides use at the EGM here.


The information from Highways England can be found here:   Highways England