Methodist Church History

Methodist 1Methodist 2Although Methodism in West Camel goes back to the 19th century or even earlier, when the church was built in 1908 the A303 was a narrow country lane.

West Camel Methodists had previously worshipped in an “upper room” above a carpenter’s shop in Keep Street. The thatched roof leaked when it rained, and when the congregation was large (it seated 80) props had to be placed beneath the floor to support it! The necessity for a new church became increaingly apparent, but lack of funds prevented this dream from becoming a reality for many years. It was when Mr and Mrs A E Clothier came to reside at Vale Farm and offered a plot of land for a new church that plans really got under way, and an estimate of £497.50 from Messrs. Chapman and Co., Builders of Yeovil was accepted. On June 14th 1908 the stone-laying ceremony took place, and new premises were officially opened on 24th September 1908.

In 1974, an extension, including kitchen and toilets, was added, and in 1998, to coincide with the 90th anniversary celebrations, extensive alterations were undertaken. This involved reversing the interior layout of the chapel, constructing a new entrance, and renovating the church hall.

Over time, the A303 has now become the busy London to Exeter trunk road and presented a danger to worshippers. This, together with our isolation from the village, deterred people from coming to us. In July 2016 we entered into a Building Sharing Agreement with our friends at All Saints Church where all service are now conducted and this will enable us to be a more effective part of our community.

Our Methodist worship, with our own preachers, will continue as before, although we hope to have more united services and events.

The membership of the church is quite small, but it is a lively and friendly church. Why not come and meet us — you are assured of a warm and friendly welcome!