Current Topics

What’s Going On right Now ?

The intention of this page is to outline the areas we are currently working on.
Although the detail may still be found within our official documents, These topics may be of interest:

Topic What's Happening ?
Community Fund We receive community benefit monies from the Solar Farm development each year, and a panel has been created to oversee applications for funding for community projects
Flooding All planned flood mitigation works are completed, and we continue to work with the EA to better understand what further work can be done to protect the village from future flooding. Following the A303 proposals, further alleviation measures were considered and we hope for some additional assistance in 2020.
Traffic Calming Speeding traffic through the village is a serious issue and we are looking at ways that traffic can be ‘calmed’, particularly during the morning and evening commute where some drivers see West Camel as a speedy short-cut, likely increasing the accident count south of the village at the crossroads. Details can be found in the WCPC minutes.
Communication Looking at ways to improve our email communications, and look overall at how we communicate and get more coverage within the village community using both electronic and more traditional methods. We have recently improved email circulations and have a better understanding of our reach into the community. There is also a village Facebook page with well over 100 subscribers.We will also continue to distribute to all households using traditional paper methods (eg. the Chronicle )
Grounds Maintenance and ‘Self Mow’ SSDC have reviewed costs substantially upwards for providing ground maintenance to West Camel, principally the playing fields and its’ boundaries. This has led to the Parish Council, Davis Hall and Churches deciding to join forces to deliver better value to the village by ‘doing it ourselves’.  Details can be found in the WCPC minutes.
A303 Upgrade Works For many years there have been ‘plans’ to improve the A303 which have amounted to little. In 2016 however there appears to be new impetus. Public consultations have been completed, and we await a decision from the Secretary of State early on 2020.