Your Safety

The following sections contain information useful in the event of emergency or if you require assistance.

The Defibrillator is managed by the Parish Council in partnership with South West Ambulance Service NHS Trust. It is on the front wall of The Davis Hall on Howell Hill. Location Map

If you come across a patient in difficulty, call 999 and describe the symptoms to the Ambulance Service - they may tell you to fetch the defibrillator from the cabinet - IT IS UNLOCKED - JUST OPEN THE DOOR, GRAB THE PACK AND RETURN TO YOUR PATIENT.

Open the Pack and lift the lid - listen to the voice that will tell you what to do, and stay on the phone to the Ambulance Service too - they will guide you.

After you have used the defibrillator, tell us so we can service the equipment.

Funding was generously provided by The Davis Hall user groups and The British Heart Foundation who supplied the device.

If you live in a property which may be liable to flooding you will wish to make some preparation. Firstly, you can monitor the river gauge at Weston Bampfylde which is about 1 mile upstream from West Camel and sign up for Flood Alerts by phone, text or email here. Secondly, you should be familiar with how to fit your flood defences, if you already have them, and practise fitting them. Are they in ‘good repair’ – if not seek replacement parts from the manufacturer in the first instance. If you have no defences, consider having defences (e.g. flood boards, non-return valves in drains, sumps and pumps in the house) installed. Check the availability of any grant assistance first with Parish Clerk Email Parish Clerk You should form your personal plan of what you need to do in event of flooding, including moving your vehicle to higher ground (e.g. neighbour’s higher drive, up Plowage Lane or Davis Hall car park). Your plan should include what you need to save first; consider permanently storing items such as important documents (including your insurance documents) and personal items and photos upstairs, if you can, or on higher shelves. Be prepared with torches and contact numbers of family/friends you may wish to call. Keep your mobile phone well charged, and other small devices too. Guidance on forming your personal plan can be found at Create your own flood plan. Village flood wardens and other volunteers will attempt to close village roads to through traffic and, if possible, will attempt to assist those households that need help to fit flood defences. The Parish Council maintains a confidential list of such households and you can request to go on the list if necessary. In event of actual flooding, be prepared for possible failure of your house electric power or even the mains supply. Understand that sewer water levels may be high, and it may be ill-advised to flush toilets until water levels have subsided. Consider, too, that you may not be at home when flooding happens. The Parish Council Clerk and Flood Wardens can provide further information if needed; contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.
POLICE : In an emergency dial 999 or 112.

To report any non-emergency matter to the Police, or to make an enquiry, dial 101. Calls cost 15p from landlines or mobiles, no matter how long the duration.

The village falls in the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Wincanton Rural West area and contact details can be found here.

Our Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator is Adrian Davenport - tel 07474 363227 or email Adrian

For advice on staying safe, either at home or away you can visit their website here. They have lots of tips on home security, computer and internet safety, tackling bullying and anti-social behaviour.

    Spotted a pothole or other road problem?
Report anything from pot-holes to blocked drains, street light and any public footpath issues here : South Somerset Problems on the road
The information text line for the rural community is to continue but with a brand new and long-term number 07492 888109. Please remember this is NOT a number to use to report crime or to call for police assistance and it will not be monitored 24/7.

The number can be used to report information of people/vehicles seen behaving suspiciously in the rural community, potentially stolen goods etc.

Alternatively you can report a crime online via our website or if it's a matter which requires immediate police attendance then dial 999. You can still also pass on information anonymously via the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. You were sent this message because you are in the following group(s): West Camel (West Camel, BA227QG).

To view interactive mapping of crime data around West Camel click here.

For mapping related to road collisions click here. (Please note the cautions given for the accuracy of data placed on these maps).